Rainbow Holiday Homestay and Cottages Wayanad

As the owner of this homestay we welcome you to the very best in Indian hospitality, where guests are always honored and welcomed. Rainbow - one of the best and pristine homestays in Wayanad - have been running this place for quite a few years and have loved various people who have come and gone from our lives over the years.

Our homestay in Wayanad nestling among the various trees with a view of the mountain and the paddy fields has been idyllic for a getaway holiday for the city folks. Each bedroom has been furnished and maintained to provide you with all the comfort and the homely atmosphere to help you relax. Our place is a blend of the traditional Kerala style with the most modern amenities to suit every traveler. Our decor is created in a way to make every visitor feel at home and at ease.


You will be able to soak in the charm and the natural beauty of the countryside from our home, while listening to the various sounds of the birds and animals. We offer you good and authentic Indian food which will give you an idea about the culinary taste of this area. You can even come and help us cook or if you want to cook your own food, you are very welcome.

We have the knack of fulfilling any needs of our guest and we are there at your beck and call 24 hours a day. The foreigners will find us very informative about the culture and the habits of India, especially south India. We will guide you and even escort you to all the tourist spots in Wayanad and provide food for picnics too. Treks and rock climbing is one of the major outdoor events which is very popular and we can arrange them for you.

We do have internet facilities which will allow you to stay in touch with your family and friends. Hot water is available 24 hours a day. If you would like to get ayurvedic massage done from our place we can arrange for a trained person to do just that, so that you can get rejuvenated and healthy by the end of your holiday.

Well folks, we are sure that you will find all you need for a holiday at our homestay. We once again invite and welcome you, to enjoy the best holiday you have ever had. And that is a promise we will surely fulfill for you!